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Wholesale Women Tunic

Wholesale Women Tunic

Tunics are popular with women as a cover-up for their swimsuits. However, the tunic has its uses way beyond the beach. Yes, you can use the tunic as every day wear. And with the awesome bargains that you can get from buying Wholesale Women Tunic at, your wardrobe will benefit from having a versatile piece of clothing that’s not just fashionable but very comfortable as well.

What makes the tunic a must in every woman’s wardrobe is that women of any size and shape can wear it. Whatever body type you have, this kind of Wholesale Women Dresses will surely flatter your figure. Here are some tips in how to wear tunic tops for different body types.

Straight figures

If you have a straight figure, choose a tunic that has embellishments especially on the chest and hips in order to enhance these areas. Accessorize the top with a pendant necklace that ends just by the bust line in order to accentuate this area. 

Hourglass figures

A Wholesale Women Tunic with a tailored cut suits women with hourglass figures. A tailored cut such as with an A-line tunic will trace the body’s curves with emphasizing them too much. Women with hourglass figures often have ample busts and may flatter their figures some more by wearing tunics with a V-neckline or a more modest option would be a slit neck.

Full figures

A-line tunics are also flattering for women with full figures. The A-line shape will just slightly skim over the body especially on the hips and thighs. Tunics made of soft fabrics, as well as those with elongating prints and embellishments, are ideal for women with full hips and thighs. Full figured women with a full middle may choose a Wholesale Women Tunic with an elastic or drawstring waist that ties low on the hips instead of the waist. This particular tunic style will draw attention away from your tummy area.

Whatever your shape, the rule of thumb would be to avoid embellishments or accents that will draw attention to areas of your body you wish to conceal. Head off to – this Wholesale Women Clothing online store has a number of fashionable tunics at affordable prices for women of any shape.